Datasets and Scripts developed during the Springer Nature Hackday
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This repository is an attempt to gather all the developed scripts and the gathered data during the Springer Nature HackDay in Berlin (26/27 April 2018) from the team working on Hot Topics.

Team members

Jenny Cardenas-Osorio, Thomas Scheidsteger, Jochen Teufel, Anne Lauscher, Angelo Salatino, Francesco Osborne, Eva Volná, Aman Bhardwaj, Chris Bendall

DumbDatabaseFinal folder

It contains the dumps of all the tables created during the hackday. Main tables:

  • journals (doi -> downloads in 2015,16,17)
  • books (isbn -> downloads in 2015,16,17)

Other tables are derived from the journal table. All these tables share the same id.


This folder aims (because I still don't have all the files) to contain all the scripts that have been developed to download the information related to the papers: metadata, topics, metrics, and scientific discourse.

Web Interface

This is a netbeans project, developed in PHP, which is the user interface of this proof of concept.

For a given topic, it explores the database in DumpDatabaseFinal and retrieves all meaningful information related to it.