Provides completion, hyperlink, hover inside WTP HTML editor for Web Resources (CSS, JS, Images)
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Eclipse WTP WebResources is stable and you can install it but I have decided to give up this project because WTP WebResources features are integrating inside WTP HTML step by step. See issue 63 for more informations.

What is Eclipse WTP WebResources (EWW) ?

Build Status

Eclipse WTP provides HTML editor with several completions (tags, CSS styles declaration, etc) but it misses some features about Web resources (CSS, JavaScript, Images). Those features was created inside WTP bugzilla but WTP team seems very busy to implement it. The goal of this project is to provide the missing features about Web resources and after try to contribute to WTP :

  • CSS#class CSS#ID completion, hover, hyperlink, validation. See bug 302125 and bug 211190.
  • JS resources files completion, hover, validation for script/@src.
  • CSS resources files completion, hover, validation for link/@href.
  • Images resources files completion, hover, validation for img/@src.

See wiki to see more explanation about the features of Eclipse WTP WebResources.

CSS#class & CSS#ID

Completion for CSS Class name

Eclipse WTP WebResources provides completion for WTP HTML editor for CSS className :

Class completion

and for CSS ID :

CSS ID completion

Hyperlink for CSS Class name

Eclipse WTP WebResources provides hyperlink for WTP HTML editor for CSS className :

Class hyperlink

Hover for CSS Class name

Provides text hover for WTP HTML editor for CSS className :

Class hover

CSS files completion

CSS File Completion

Images completion & hover


and completion :



Eclipse WTP Web Resources is developed/tested with Eclipse 4.5 Mars. It is advised to use this Eclipse JEE version (even if it could work with older version of Eclipse).

To install Eclipse WTP Web Resources, please read Installation - Update Site section.

Why org.eclipse.a.wst.webresources.ui?

See bug 444189

Plugin is named with org.eclipse.a.wst.webresources.ui, why not org.eclipse.wst.webresources.ui?

It's because of CSS Hover. After debugging WTP, Hover is managed with BestMatchHover class, and it's not possible to sort hover coming from extension point. The used sort is the plugin id (see org\eclipse\wst\sse\ui\internal\extension\RegistryReader#orderExtensions)

If plugin uses org.eclipse.wst.webresources.ui, it's org.eclipse.jst.jsf.facelet.ui.internal.hover.FaceletHover which is executed before CSS class hover and CSS class name hover doesn't work. If org.eclipse.a.wst.webresources.ui (before org.eclipse.jst.jsf.facelet.ui) is executed correctly.

Who is using Eclipse WTP WebResources?


Eclipse WTP Web Resourcese is build with this cloudbees job.