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Write, test and debug with breakpoints your Mongo MapReduce Javascript functions with Web Browser
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Mongo MapReduce WebBrowser (MMW) is a Web application which gives you the capability to

  • write your MapReduce.
  • test (quickly) your MapReduce by seeing the result.
  • debug with breakpoints your MapReduce with your Web Browser.

You can play with the live demo or follow the Installation Guide to use the webapp on localhost.


Writing MapReduce

Mongo MapReduce WebBrowser (MMW) provides advanced editor (syntax coloring, syntax errors, completions) to write your MapReduce:

And see the result of your MapReduce execution on fly time :

MapReduce Editor

Debugging MapReduce

As MapReduce is executed with WebBrowser, it's possible to use the WebBrowser debugger to debug MapReduce with breakpoints. Here a screen with Chrome Dev Tools :

MapReduce Debug


To install on your localhost the webapp, please read Installation Guide

Supported Web Browsers

Tested with Chrome and FF (some problems with IE).


See cloudbees job:

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