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⚠️ is now OUTDATED, it's recommended to use Eclipse Wild Web Developer instead

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tern.js is a stand-alone code-analysis engine for JavaScript written in Javascript. provides the capability to use tern.js with Java context. It provides several tern server implementation :

As Tern is very CPU and memory intensive, the implementation with Rhino is very slow when JavaScript document is big. So it's better to use node.js or javv8. Nashorn is a little slow compare to J2V8 or node.js

Core Features

Once that Tern Server is created with Java using core module, you can use it in any Java context (Eclipse, Netbeans, etc). provides the capability to use Tern Server with SWT :

  • contentassist which uses If you start the SWT TernEditor demo, you will see contentassist available for JavaScript :

SWT Tern Editor

Eclipse IDE

On top of core module provides an Eclipse IDE integration with Tern. For more information please read Tern Eclipse IDE.

To install Tern IDE, please read Installation - Update site section.

Plugins based on Tern IDE

Tern Tooling

There are also advanced tools for creators of tern plugins, see wiki pages Tern-Toolings, Tern-Console and Debugging.

Who is using

See for more informations.

  • Liferay IDE 2.2 for :
  • YUI, AUI support
  • Liferay support

See for more informations.

  • Nodeclipse for :

  • node, express, support

  • mongodb native, mongoose support

  • MyEclipse and [Webclipse (JSjet)] ( :

  • content assist

  • jump to definition

  • element documentation

  • is used as a base for:

    • refactoring
    • occurences highlighting
    • outline
    • type hierarchy
    • call hierarchy

See for more informations.


See cloudbees job: