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New and Noteworthy 0.8.0

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Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the 0.8.0 release which is available for download since 01/28/2015. You can see issues for 0.8.0

Tern completion

Completion Guess plugin

When completion is applied, it's possible to open a second completion with variable which matches the type of the parameter function : Completion applied

See Completion Guess for more informations.

Completion String plugin

Completion String

See Completion String for more informations.

Tern modules

ECMAScript 6 support

Add ECMAScript 6 support:

ECMAScript6 Promise Completion

For more information, please read ECMAScript6 support

node.js & module completion

tern.js is able to implement your own completion. The node.js tern plugin uses this feature to support completion for module :

node.js completion module

node.js & require module validation

If you select Node lint, you can benefit with validation for require module :

node lint

RequireJS object literal completion

Tern is now able to support object literal completion. This feature is used for RequireJS config object :

Completion for RequireJS

When you apply completion, it generates a property key/value :

Completion for RequireJS

Jasmine support

Add Jasmine support:

Jasmine describe Completion Apply

For more information, please read Jasmine support

Protractor support

Add Protractor support:

Protractor By Completion

For more information, please read Protractor support

snabbt.js support

Add snabbt.js support:

snabbt Completion

For more information, please read snabbt.js support


Default modules

When you convert a project to tern, ECMAScript 5 and Completion guess is available by default. To change that you can change the global preferences !

Default modules

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