New and Noteworthy 1.1.0

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Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the 1.1.0 release which is availabled for download since 11/08/2015. You can see issues for 1.1.0

Support for ES6

tern-es6 was integrated and provides ES6 features completion, hyperlink. Here a screenshot with ES6 modules completion:

ES6 modules completion

See ES6 features for more information.

Tern Outline

Tern Outline was improved:

  • to support ES6 features like ES6 class:

Tern Outline - ES6 Class

  • to avoid freezing Eclipse when outline is refreshed with a big JavaScript file.

Completion Guess

Completion guess was improved for custom guessing.


Node extension uses completion guess to display required node modules after than require function is applied. Type req, do Ctrl+Space to open completion, select require, this apply completion generates require(id) and open a completion with required node modules:

Completion guess for node modules


1.1.0 uses minimal_json 0.9.4 to format JSON with indentation; .tern-project is now saved with indentation:

  "plugins": {
    "guess-types": {
    "outline": {
  "ecmaVersion": 5

Tern Property pages

Tern project properties is available:

  • in JavaScript / Tern if your project has JavaScript Nature (JSDT):

Property with JSDT

  • Tern if your project has NOT JavaScript Nature (JSDT):

Property without JSDT

Phaser support

Add a support for Phaser :

Phaser Object Literal Completion

For more information, please read Phaser.

.tern-project editor

A basic editor for .tern-project is now available:

.tern-project editor

It will be improved in the next version:

  • by using WTP JSON Editor which will belong to soon to Eclipse WTP to provide completion, coloration, validation.
  • with several tabs to configure it like PDE MANIFEST.MS editor.

You can add your idea in the issue 358

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