Tern Eclipse IDE

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Tern IDE - Installation

It is recommanded to use the Eclipse JEE distribution because Tern Eclipse IDE works with WebTools and JSDT (extends completion of JSDT), see the Technical-information and issue #29.

  • Install Tern Eclipse IDE via the update site or with Marketplace Eclipse install.
  • By default, tern.java uses embed node.js, so you can use tern.java out of box, but you can configure Node.js.

Tern IDE - Configuration

Convert To Tern Project

Convert To Tern Project

Tern project properties

Tern project properties used to configure tern, is available:

  • in JavaScript / Tern if your project has JavaScript Nature (JSDT):

Property with JSDT

  • Tern if your project has NOT JavaScript Nature (JSDT):

Property without JSDT

Configure ECMAScript

With Tern property, you can configure:

Tern Modules

Configure Tern Modules

Select your tern modules according the JavaScript framework you wish to use (jQuery, Node.js, etc):

Tern Modules

Tern features

Once those configuration are done, you can benefit from Tern's auto-completion, hover, hyperlink and validation.

Tern Completion

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