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tern.js is a stand-alone code-analysis engine for JavaScript written in Javascript.

Orion is an Open Source Platform For Cloud Based Development. It provides a standalone code editor written in JavaScript (built-editor.js and built-editor.css).

tern.orion gives you the capability to use tern.js in a Orion editor like the CodeMirror Tern addon

Note that Orion could be interested to integrate Tern. See bug 432940

You can find too an Eclipse IDE wizard which generates Orion editor with Tern.



If you open completion, on Array variable, you will see functions of the array :

Tern Orion Completion

If you apply the completion, it will generate the signature of the selected function :

Tern Orion Completion Apply

Use tab, to switch to next parameter.

See here for more samples of completion (jQuery, Angular, etc).

How to use it?

Import in your HTML page :

  • Orion editor built-editor.js and built-editor.css
  • tern-orion.js

Create Orion editor and add tern completion :

require(["orion/editor/edit", "orion/tern/ternServer"], function(edit, mTernServer) {
	var editor = edit({
		lang: "js"

	// tern server
	var defs = []; // load defs
	var plugins = {}; // load plugins
	var ternServer = new mTernServer.TernServer({defs: defs, plugins: plugins});

	// tern completion


The basic structure of the project is given in the following way:

  • demos/ demos with Tern and Orion. Open tern-orion.html.
  • lib/ contains tern-orion.js which is the glue between Tern and Orion.