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OpenTTD port for PS Vita

Extra Dependencies on top of base OpenTTD


Configure with

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$VITASDK/arm-vita-eabi/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --os=PSVITA --host arm-vita-eabi --enable-static --prefix=/usr/local/vitasdk --with-sdl="pkg-config sdl2" --without-fontconfig --disable-strip --enable-network=0

Then build

make && cd cmake && make && cd ..

openttd.vpk can be found in cmake/


OpenTTD will attempt to load everything from ux0:/data/openttd/

The easiest way to populate this is to install the PC version and copy the files across. In the future when network support is re-enabled the content downloader should be functional and this step will be skippable.


  • The touch screen is currently mouse input, press and hold for dragging.
  • Use the D-Pad for panning.
  • Circle for right-click (hold while tapping)
  • Triggers for zoom (right trigger zoom-in, left trigger zoom-out)

Current Limitations

  • The game is set to run at 480x272 scaled to the screen size for the sake of speed. It will run at 960x544 or 720x408 but don't expect more than ~10-15 FPS
  • No sound
  • No network support


An initial openttd.cfg can be found in bin/openttd.cfg, the important parts performance-wise are

  • resolution = 480,272
  • sprite_cache_size_px = 8