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Updated version with many changes, fixes and speed fixes mainly thanks to @rsn8887 (PR1, PR2). Now rebased and in sync with the official OpenTTD repo, included is a file ( containing opengfx & opensfx you can extract into ux0:/data to play without preparing the files yourself.

Full details of changes by rsn8887 below:

  • Huge performance increase & resolution now locked to 960x544
  • Standard overclocking (444) now applied
  • Left analog joystick controls the mouse pointer much more responsive and smoothly now.
  • The touch screen is now used for indirect mouse input, like on a laptop touchpad. Move a single finger to move the mouse pointer. Use short tap for left click. Hold a single finger while tapping a second finger for right click. Drag with two fingers to drag and drop.
  • Updated control mapping:
    • Left analog stick = mouse pointer control
    • D-Pad or right analog stick = scrolling the map.
    • Cross or R = left mouse click
    • Circle or L = right mouse click
    • Square = zoom-in
    • Triangle = zoom-out
    • Double clicking with cross or R over a text field = brings up the built-in on-screen keyboard
  • Music is now working
  • Enable cursor key map scrolling with BT keyboard
  • Extra memory (total 300 MB heap) is enabled on Vita (for music and larger maps)
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