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This is the LaTeX source for my University of Tromsø PhD thesis 'Representation and variation in substance-free phonology: a case study in Celtic'. You are welcome to look at it and take bits and pieces if you like them. I am by far not the most advanced LaTeX user out there, but hopefully this might be useful.

Things you will need

  • A Unicode-friendly environment. Thanks to the ridiculous ease of entering IPA characters in Emacs, I am not using the tipa package here. I believe most modern LaTeX implementations are Unicode-aware (at least on Unix systems), but I'm not sure how well Unicode is supported in the Windows ecosystem, especially in the text editors.

  • A fairly recent system (preferably the latest TeX Live). Two packages that have been known to trip up older systems are linguex (which changed from \refdash to \firstrefdash) and cleveref (where \cpageref is unavailable in older versions).

  • The fonts. The eulervm package should be available on most TeX systems. For the body text, you will need Gentium Basic and Gentium Plus, Junicode, and Inconsolata.

  • The .bib file. It's a bit of a mess, especially with respect to the keys. There is no consistent naming structure, and some are less obvious. Sorry about that. (Again, RefTeX makes finding stuff in your bibliography so ridiculously easy that you stop worrying about the keys.)

  • The bothoa-corpus package referred to in Chapter 7 is available separately

  • The OTtablx-extras package is available separately