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For Intro Automation Workshop


Java 8 (JDK):

Chrome Browser:

IntelliJ (the Community version):

This project. Download it by clicking the green Clone or Download button above -> Choose Download. Unzip once downloaded.

Download the version of chromedriver that corresponds to your Chrome web browser version and operating system:

Create a 'resources' directory under automation-workshop -> project -> resources

Unzip chromedriver archive and move the executable file to the 'resources' directory
(automation-workshop -> project -> resources)


In Intellij, import downloaded project:

  1. File -> New Project from Existing Sources
  2. Browse to downloaded project folder, automation-workshop -> project, and select the pom.xml under there and click Open
  3. Click Next on the Import Project from Maven prompt
  4. Ensure workshop:bookstore:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT is checked
  5. Click Next
  6. Ensure JDK 1.8 is selected
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Finish

If you get stuck at any point, no worries! We'll make sure everyone is good to go during the workshop.