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### Bucketed Key-Value store (`AngiesList.Redis.KeyValueStore`)
-...coming soon...
+Example usage:
+var tags = KeyValueStore.Bucket("tags");
+tags.Set("redis", "The swiss army knife data structure server");
+var description = tags.GetStringSync("redis");
+You can optionally set an expiration (in seconds) when you use `Set`:
+KeyValueStore.Bucket("contentCache").Set("about_us", "We're awesome!", 600);
+There are more getter methods:
+* For binary data (GetRawSync() returns byte[])
+* For whatever type T you want. GetSync<T> returns T and handles the (de)serialization from and to T for you.
+* For callback based async operations, there are asyncronous version of all the Get_ methods. Example:
+bigNumbers.Get<Int64>("a_trillion", (num, exc) => {
+ if (exc == null) {
+ //do something with num
+ }
<br />
### TODO:
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