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⬇️ A reliable Xcode installer
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⬇️ install-xcode

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A reliable and self-contained command line tool to install and update Xcode versions.

When to use it 💃

  • Got a new laptop and need Xcode for your coding tasks?
  • Xcode released a new Xcode version and would like to give it a try?
  • Need to provision your CI environments with the latest Xcode version and no hassle?

How to use it 🏂

Easy, install the tool with Homebrew and start using it:

Monorepo 📦

The installer is made of several projects, being all of them in this repository:

  • Sync: Contains a command line tool written in Ruby to synchronize the Xcode versions with the Apple downloads page.
  • CLI: Contains the command line tool written in Swift. It's a normal Swift package.
  • Website: Contains the source code of the static website, developed using Gatsby.

Synchronization of Xcode versions 📝

All Xcode versions and their download links are available under the developer downloads page and it requires authentication to have access to them.

Conversely to xcode-install, which requires the user to be authenticated to download and install Xcode, we have set up a background job running that pulls all the Xcode versions with their download links into a file on this repository.

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