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Generates a flattened list of npm project dependencies.
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NPM License

(Original credit to

Ever needed to see all the license info for a module and it's dependencies?

It's this easy:

npm install -g npm-license 

mkdir foo
cd foo
npm install yui-lint

You should see something like this:

scanning ./yui-lint
├─ cli@0.4.3
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ glob@3.1.14
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: UNKNOWN
├─ graceful-fs@1.1.14
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: UNKNOWN
├─ inherits@1.0.0
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: UNKNOWN
├─ jshint@0.9.1
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ lru-cache@1.0.6
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ lru-cache@2.0.4
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ minimatch@0.0.5
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ minimatch@0.2.9
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: MIT
├─ sigmund@1.0.0
│  ├─ repository:
│  └─ licenses: UNKNOWN
└─ yui-lint@0.1.1
   ├─ licenses: BSD
      └─ repository:

You can also specify --unknown to only show licenses that it can't determine or guessed at (from README)

Also supports --json /path/to/save.json to export the data.


var checker = require('npm-license');

    start: '/path/to/start/looking'
}, function(json) {
    //The sorted json data

Options (Defaults)

Below are the list of defaults and their descriptions. You may pass them either as a module or through the command line (ie. npm-license --depth=3)

  unknown: false,          // Boolean: generate only a list of unknown licenses
  start: '.',              // String: path to start the dependency checks
  depth: 1,                // Number: how deep to recurse through the dependencies
  include: 'dependencies', // String | Array | 'all': recurse through various types of dependencies (
  meta: null               // String: path to a metadata json file (see below)

Passing in additional metadata

With the meta option, you may pass in the path (relative to cwd) to a json file containing a structure similar to:

  "mydep1@0.0.1": "MIT",
  "mydep2@0.10.1": "WTFPL",
  "mydep3@0.2.0": {
    "licenses": ["BSD", "Apache 2.0"]
  "mydep4@0.5.10": {
    "licenses": "GPL",
    "repository": "http://path/to/repo"

Whatever you specify in this file overrides the inspection done by npm-license. This is particularly useful for cases where the license exists for a dependency, but the library wasn't able to pick it up with its usual methods.

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