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uClinux for STM32F746G-DISCO board support, work done in context of FP7 Dreams project at TEI Crete
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Documentation ARM: Add SWP/SWPB emulation for ARMv7 processors (v5) May 21, 2010
arch Added stm32f746-disco defconfig. Jun 3, 2016
block Revert "block: improve queue_should_plug() by looking at IO depths" Feb 23, 2010
crypto Merge branch 'fixes' of git://… Dec 30, 2009
drivers STM32F7 LTDC driver. May 31, 2016
firmware pcnet_cs: add cis of KTI PE520 pcmcia network card Jan 7, 2010
fs RT102292: Fix NAND ECC and JFFS2 on Kinetis Nov 7, 2014
include RT #112915. Added support for 8081 PHY, including low-power mode. Aug 25, 2015
init RT74450 Changes to the BogoMIPS calculation code to make it reside Oct 25, 2011
kernel RT83885 Basic USB FS support Sep 16, 2014
lib RT106081: support for allocating noncached SDRAM memory on STM32F7 Feb 11, 2015
mm RT106081. STM32: reserve dmamem at address specified from U-Boot Feb 24, 2015
net RT85493 Improve boot-up time of network-enabled May 24, 2013
samples Merge branch 'perf-fixes-for-linus' of git://… Dec 12, 2009
scripts RT93386: Add an ifnarch command to the initramfs spec syntax Dec 25, 2013
security Take ima_file_free() to proper place. Feb 7, 2010
tools/perf perf, ARM: Modify kuser rmb() call to compile for Thumb-2 May 21, 2010
usr RT77418 Kernel changes to add support for large initramfs's. Mar 15, 2012
virt/kvm KVM: fix spurious interrupt with irqfd Jan 25, 2010
.gitignore RT73025. Add initramfs-list-min to .gitignore Nov 28, 2011
.mailmap Add Sascha Hauer to .mailmap Feb 6, 2009
COPYING [PATCH] update FSF address in COPYING Sep 10, 2005
CREDITS Nicolas Pitre has a new email address Sep 15, 2009
Kbuild kbuild: move asm-offsets.h to include/generated Dec 12, 2009
MAINTAINERS Merge git:// Feb 24, 2010
Makefile Cross-compilation definitions for ARM. May 21, 2010
README README: Add compilation instruction. Jun 3, 2016
README.linux GitHub: Added Emcraft README. Original README renamed to README.linux. Apr 20, 2012
initdir.tar Added initramfs Jun 3, 2016
initramfs-list-min.stub RT66508 Added a stub initramfs file to the kernel directory to Mar 25, 2011
localversion Linux 2.6.33-arm1 May 21, 2010
make_uImage shell script to provide quick uImage. May 31, 2016


This fork of linux-emcraft repo contains support for STM32F746G-DISCO board.

initdir contains a builed busybox from

Steps to make the uImage :

1) use `make stm32f746_disco_defconfig' to configure a kernel configuration with
support following STM32 IPs: USART, LTDC (framebuffer).
2) `sudo tar xf initdir.tar', to extract initdir.tar to initdir directory.
 Note: use `sudo' to ensure `tar' will succesfull create dev nodes.
3) `export ARCH=arm'
4) `export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-uclinuxeabi-'
 Note: arm-uclinuxeabi-* toolchain may be in your path.
 Note: arm-uclinuxeabi- toolchain provided by sourcery in link[1]
5) `make', to compile kernel
6) to create loadable uImage:
   `mkimage -A arm -a 0xc0008000 -e 0xc0008001 -n 'Linux kernel0' -C none -T kernel -d arch/arm/boot/Image networking.uImage'

Current status contains drivers for: 

* lcd framebuffer


Code contributed from TEI Crete, Department of Sciences Division of Computer 
Science in context of FP7 Dreams project.
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