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Archipelago of Catan


This program is a version of the popular board game Settlers of Catan. Unlike the original, though, the islands are in a string (an archipelago), rather than a two-dimensional setup.

There are some other subtle differences, as well, between this version, and the original. For instance, the more properties there are on an island, the less the individual payout will be. This was my own allusion to over-development and environmental degradation.


The game was designed after I completed Stanford's free online Introduction to Computer Science class, Programming Methodology. I took immense pride in the game, because it was an opportunity to not only use everything I had learned in the class, but also an opportunity to expand my skillset, by learning how to search online for relevant code, and apply it to my project.


Some of the game logic is faulty, because this is a work in progress. Nonetheless, it has already been a great deal of fun creating my own game, and continuing to make it even better.

The main file is It is probably the best place to start. The .jar file is a fully playable version.