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# This script fixes the dynamic libraries on macOS.
# Because of System Integrity measures, relative paths to libs are no longer valid, so we need to change those
# macOS brings a tool to do exactly that
# To get the correct results for the site packages, we want to be in the angr python context
if [ -z "$VIRTUAL_ENV" ]
echo "Please activate your angr virtualenv before executing this script."
echo "If you installed angr on your default python (bad idea) and want to continue, type 'continue'"
read ans
if ["$ans" != "continue"]
exit 1
# To work for any setup, we get the paths to the relevant packages from python itself. (May not be in site packages)
PYVEX=`python -c 'import pyvex; print(pyvex.__path__[0])'`
echo "pyvex packate at $PYVEX"
UNICORN=`python -c 'import unicorn; print(unicorn.__path__[0])'`
echo "unicorn package at $UNICORN"
ANGR=`python -c 'import logging; logging.basicConfig(level=logging.CRITICAL); import angr; print(angr.__path__[0])'`
echo "angr package at $ANGR"
install_name_tool -change libunicorn.1.dylib "$UNICORN"/lib/libunicorn.dylib "$ANGR"/lib/angr_native.dylib
install_name_tool -change libpyvex.dylib "$PYVEX"/lib/libpyvex.dylib "$ANGR"/lib/angr_native.dylib