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#!/usr/bin/env python
import angr
import logging
# This is the important logic that makes this problemt tractable
class CheckUniqueness(angr.ExplorationTechnique):
def __init__(self):
self.unique_states = set()
def filter(self, simgr, state, filter_func=None):
vals = []
for reg in ('eax', 'ebx', 'ecx', 'edx', 'esi', 'edi', 'ebp', 'esp', 'eip'):
val = state.registers.load(reg)
if val.symbolic:
vals = tuple(vals)
if vals in self.unique_states:
return 'not_unique'
return simgr.filter(state, filter_func=filter_func)
class SearchForNull(angr.ExplorationTechnique):
def setup(self, simgr):
if 'found' not in simgr.stashes:
simgr.stashes['found'] = []
def filter(self, simgr, state, filter_func=None):
if state.addr == 0:
return 'found'
return simgr.filter(state, filter_func=filter_func)
def complete(self, simgr):
return len(simgr.found)
def setup_project():
project = angr.Project('crypto.mod')
# use libc functions as stand-ins for grub functions
memset = angr.SIM_PROCEDURES['libc']['memset']
getchar = angr.SIM_PROCEDURES['libc']['getchar']
do_nothing = angr.SIM_PROCEDURES['stubs']['ReturnUnconstrained']
project.hook_symbol('grub_memset', memset())
project.hook_symbol('grub_getkey', getchar())
# I don't know why, but grub_xputs is apparently not the function but a pointer to it?
xputs_pointer_addr = project.loader.find_symbol('grub_xputs').rebased_addr
xputs_func_addr = project.loader.extern_object.allocate()
project.hook(xputs_func_addr, do_nothing())
project.loader.memory.pack_word(xputs_pointer_addr, xputs_func_addr)
return project
def find_bug(project, function, args):
# set up the most generic state that could enter this function
func_addr = project.loader.find_symbol(function).rebased_addr
start_state = project.factory.call_state(func_addr, *args)
# create a new simulation manager to explore the state space of this function
simgr = project.factory.simulation_manager(start_state)
print('we found a crashing input!')
print('crashing state:', simgr.found[0])
print('input:', repr(simgr.found[0].posix.dumps(0)))
return simgr.found[0].posix.dumps(0)
def test():
assert find_bug(setup_project(), 'grub_password_get', (angr.PointerWrapper(b'\0'*64), 64)) == b'\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\x08\r'
if __name__ == '__main__':
p = setup_project()
find_bug(p, 'grub_password_get', (angr.PointerWrapper('\0'*64), 64))