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Find file Copy path
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import angr
def main():
# Uncomment the following two lines if you want to have logging output from
# SimulationManager
# import logging
# logging.getLogger('angr.manager').setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
p = angr.Project("zwiebel", support_selfmodifying_code=True) # this is important! this binary unpacks its code
p.hook_symbol('ptrace', angr.SIM_PROCEDURES['stubs']['ReturnUnconstrained'](return_value=0))
# unicorn support makes execution, especially code unpacking, way faster
state = p.factory.full_init_state(add_options=angr.options.unicorn)
sm = p.factory.simulation_manager(state)
# in order to save memory, we only keep the recent 20 deadended or
# errored states
if 'deadended' in sm.stashes and sm.deadended:
sm.stashes['deadended'] = sm.deadended[-20:]
if sm.errored:
sm.errored = sm.errored[-20:]
assert sm.deadended
flag = sm.deadended[-1].posix.dumps(0).split(b"\n")[0]
import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()
return flag
def test():
flag = main()
assert flag.startswith(b'hxp{1_h0p3_y0u_d1dnt_p33l_th3_0ni0n_by_h4nd}')
if __name__ == "__main__":
# Here is the output (after 2 hours and 31 minutes on my machine running Pypy):
# ipdb> print(sm)
# <PathGroup with 20 errored, 21 deadended>
# ipdb> print(sm.deadended[-1])
# <Path with 160170 runs (at 0x20001e0)>
# ipdb> print(sm.deadended[-1].state.posix.dumps(0))
# hxp{1_h0p3_y0u_d1dnt_p33l_th3_0ni0n_by_h4nd}
# :)
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