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A GUI for angr. Being developed *very* slowly.
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angr Management

This is the GUI for angr. Launch it and analyze some binaries!

Some screenshots:

Disassembly Decompilation


Portable, pre-built executable

The easiest way to run angr-management is by grabbing a bundled release here:

This binary, built with pyinstaller, can be placed and executed anywhere.

From PyPI

To install angr-management, use pip:

pip install angr-management

The version on PyPI may not be up-to-date. Please consider having a development install if you plan to use latest features/fixes in angr Management.

Development Install

See angr-dev for how to set up a development enviroment for the angr suite.


How to run

To run angr-management:

python -m angrmanagement

Or if you have a development install:



  • Load a new binary: Ctrl+O

  • Load a new Docker Image Ctrl+Shift+O

  • Save angr database... : Ctrl+S

  • Save angr database as... : Ctrl+Shift+S

  • Decompile: F5

  • Documentation: Alt+H

  • Next Tab: Ctrl+Tab

  • Previous Tab: Ctrl+Shift+Tab

  • Split / Unsplit View: Ctrl+D


Plugins may be installed by placing a subdirectory under plugins. The directory must contain an like that in TestPlugin:

from .test_plugin import TestPlugin
PLUGIN_CLS_NAME = TestPlugin.__name__

This also allows you to import a plugin class from another package entirely. The plugin itself should inherit from BasePlugin. Callbacks and events are a work in progress, so the API is subject to change. See TestPlugin for an example of a multithreaded plugin sample.

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