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Python bindings for Shimple/Jimple IR from Soot.
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pysoot is a lifter from JAR/APK files to a Soot-like Python IR.

The master branch supports Python 3, the py2k branch supports Python2.


pip install -e .

How to use

from pysoot.lifter import Lifter
input_file = "tests/test_samples/simple1.jar" # the jar/apk you want to analyze
lifter = Lifter(input_file) # the default IR is Shimple, the default input_format is jar
classes = lifter.classes # get the IR of all the classes (as a dict of classes)
print classes[classes.keys()[0]] # print the IR of one of the translated classes

Many other examples are in tests/

lifter.soot_wrapper gives direct access to some Soot functionality. As of now, I added functions from, but it is easy (and "almost" automatic) to add others.


  • Java. Currently tested using OpenJDK 8 (sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk).

Other components used by pysoot are:

  • Jython. Already included in this repo, it is not neccesary to install it. The embedded version "simulates" a virtualenv with pysoot installed.
  • soot-trunk.jar. This is a slightly modified version of the pre-compiled Soot JAR. At some point, I will upload its source code and the compilation script somewhere. pysoot should also work with a normal version of soot-trunk.jar.



pysoot works by running Soot (compiled in the embedded soot-trunk.jar) using Jython (embedded) and the code in and establish an IPC bi-directional channel which allows a Python process to call methods of an instance of a class in Jython (data is serialized/deserialized using pickle). runs in Python, while runs in Jython. In the future we could release this IPC-layer as a separate component. uses this IPC channel to ask Jython to create and serialize the IR.

Classes in pysoot.sootir are used both by the Jython code and the Python one.

Data-Flow Overview

Python --> --> --> Jython --> --> --> Soot --> Soot IR

Jython --> Soot IR --> classes in pysoot.sootir -->, pickle --> Python -->, unpickle --> classes in pysoot.sootir -->

Pysoot Architecture

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