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Ansible role for Prometheus Alertmanager
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Ansible role for Alertmanager


This role will setup Alertmanager on any Linux machine using systemd.


  • systemd on the target host
  • gnu-tar on Mac deployer host (brew install gnu-tar)

Role Variables

  • alertmanager_version: the versions that will be installed and downloaded. (0.16.1).

The role will download the alertmanager release on the deployer and upload the alertmanager and amtool binaries on the target host.

If the /usr/local/bin/alertmanager binary already exists, the role will skip the install steps. You can force them (to update, for instance), by setting alertmanager_force_install to true.

  • alertmanager_config_dir: the configuration directory (/etc/alertmanager)

  • alertmanager_config_file: custom alertmanager configuration template name (alertmanager.yml.j2)

  • alertmanager_data_dir: the data directory (/var/lib/alertmanager)

  • alertmanager_web_listen_address: the listening address of the web interface (

  • alertmanager_web_external_url the external URL you will access the web interface with (http://localhost:9093/)

  • alertmanager_resolve_timeout: time after which an alert is declared resolved if it has not been updated. (3m)

  • alertmanager_config_flags_extra: extra flags passed to the alertmanager binary in the systemd unit ({})

  • alertmanager_smtp: SMTP (email) configuration. See alertmanager.yml.j2. ({})

  • alertmanager_slack_api_url: Slack webhook url ("")

  • alertmanager_pagerduty_url: Pagerduty webhook url ("")

  • alertmanager_opsgenie_api_key: Opsgenie webhook key ("")

  • alertmanager_opsgenie_api_url: Opsgenie webhook url ("")

  • alertmanager_hipchat_api_url: Hipchat webhook url ("")

  • alertmanager_hipchat_auth_token: Hipchat authentication token ("")

  • alertmanager_wechat_url: Enterprise WeChat webhook url ("")

  • alertmanager_wechat_secret: Enterprise WeChat secret token ("")

  • alertmanager_wechat_corp_id: Enterprise WeChat corporation id ("")

  • alertmanager_receivers: A list of notification receivers. Configuration same as in official docs ([])

  • alertmanager_inhibit_rules: List of inhibition rules. Same as in official docs ([])

  • alertmanager_route: Alert routing. More in official docs ({})

  • alertmanager_child_routes: List of child routes ([])

Example playbook


- hosts: myhost
  roles: alertmanager
    alertmanager_web_listen_address: ''
    alertmanager_web_external_url: 'https://alertmanager.domain.tld/'

    alertmanager_slack_api_url: ''

      - name: 'company-slack'
          - channel: 'alerts'

      group_by: ['instance', 'severity']
      group_wait: 30s
      group_interval: 5m
      repeat_interval: 3h
      receiver: company-slack


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.


This role is largely inspired by cloudalchemy/ansible-alertmanager.

Author Information

See my other Ansible roles at angristan/ansible-roles.

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