Finally, a PHP5 class for not just signing, but _verifying_ DKIM signatures.
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Finally, a PHP5 class for not just signing, but verifying DKIM signatures.


Currently this package requires PHP 5.1.2 or greater (or PECL hash >= 1.1), which provides the hash() function.

Also required, at least one of the following present alongside your PHP installation.

At least one of those packages must be present in order to compute the RSA signature verification.




v0.2.1 11:28 AM 3/3/2016

  • Fixed index variable issue (#7)
  • Addressed validation issue when public key record did not have public-key data (#7)
  • Minor version numbering corrections
  • Dropped old copyright info for as-yet-still-empty Sign code
  • Fixed new-line trimming issue (potentially causing verification problems?) (#7)

v0.2 5:36 PM 1/2/2013

  • Splitting TODOs into separate file.
  • Finally got the header hash to match my expected value, based on debugging output from Mail::DKIM::Validate.
  • Removed var_dump() calls
  • Still doesn't verify signatures properly - not sure where to go from here.

v0.1 10:55 AM 12/31/2012 Initial commit. Most of the structure is in place, and the body hashes are validating, but I haven't been able to get the signature validation correct just yet. I must have some whitespace issue or some random public key problem.