Directory Structure

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Project Directory Structure

The project uses the following directory structure:

/ - The root of the project

/ExtRef/ - Datasheets for all electronic components are stored here.

/Components/ - Design files for various components (eg a PCB, firmware, etc)

/Components/uC_Board/ - Design files for the PCB and electronics making up the main project board containing microcontroller, accelerometer, battery, etc.

/Components/uC_Board/Schematic/TCad/streetlight.dsn - Schematic for the main board in TinyCAD 2.80.03 format. The netlist for PCB layout is generated from this schematic.

The following are PNG versions of the various pages of the schematic:

/Components/uC_Board/Layout/FPC/uc_board.fpc - FreePCB v1.359-formatted layout project file for main board. Gerbers are generated from this file.

/Components/uC_Board/Layout/PNG/ - Directory containing PNG renderings of the various board layers in the microcontroller board.

/Components/uC_Board/Layout/Netlist/ - PADS-PCB-formatted netlist of project main board. Imported by FreePCB to help generate layout project file.

/Components/uC_Board/Layout/CAM/ - Directory containing Gerber files for main board layout. These files can be sent to a board house for manufacture. They are generated from the layout project file. The only layers utilized in this design are top copper and top silk.

Components/LED_Boards/ - Location where design files for the LED boards are stored.

/Components/LED_Boards/Schematic/TCad/led_board.dsn - TinyCAD 2.80.03-formatted schematic for the LED board. All LED boards share the same schematic.

/Components/LED_Boards/Schematic/PNG/led_board.png - PNG version of the above schematic.

/Components/LED_Boards/Layout/FPC/LED_Board.fpc - FreePCB 1.359-formatted layout project file. This file is loaded by FreePCB to facilitate editing of the board layout. FreePCB can generate Gerbers from this file. All LED boards share the same layout project file.

/Components/LED_Boards/Layout/Netlist/ - PADS-PCB-formatted netlist. The netlist is generated from the TinyCAD schematic file and is imported into FreePCB to generate the initial parts and ratsnest for the board layout. All LED boards share the same netlist.

/Components/LED_Boards/Layout/CAM/ - Location where Gerber files for the LED board layout are stored. The only layer used in this design is the bottom copper layer. All LED boards share the same layout.

/Components/LED_Boards/Layout/PNG/ - Location containing PNG renderings of the various layers of the LED board.

/Components/uC_FW/proj/costume_2012.atlsn The Solution file (I assume this is like a workspace) for Atmel Studio for this project

/Components/uC_FW/proj/costume_2012.c - The only source file so far.