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This is an Arduino 1.X library for the HIH4030 and HIH4031 temperature sensor.
Get more information about this project at

The library aims to produce results that are as accurate as possible, allowing
the user to adjust temperature, supply voltage, and use factory calibration
data when available.  The equations used are explained in HIH4030.cpp and are derived
directly from the data sheet, not from assumptions or sample calibration data.

For the most accurate results, order part HIH-4030-003 (non-condensing) or
the HIH-4031-003 (condensing), which come with calibration data.  When
possible, 5V should be used to supply the sensor, as the calibration data is
only given at this voltage, but if other supply voltages are used, the
library will account for it.

Two examples are included:  Humidity is a simple example without temperature
compensation, and HumidityTemp uses the DS18S20 1-wire sensor.  The OneWire and
DallasTemperature libraries are required to run the HumidityTemp sketch - see
the example sketch comments for details.

To download, visit and use 'git', or click 
the ZIP button to download.  Extract and copy ./tweetpot-master/arduino/HIH4030 to your Arduino library folder.
See for more help installing and using Arduino libraries.

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