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Awesome Browser Automation Awesome

A curated list of awesome browser automation tools and resources.

Browser automation is the act of executing actions automatically in a web browser for testing, web scraping or to perform repetitive tasks faster. Specialized software is usually required to do this. This software may control an external browser or be a browser itself.



  • Axiom - No code browser automation tool, like Zapier.
  • Browserflow - Chrome extension to automate your local browser or in the cloud.
  • Capybara - Driver-agnostic tool and DSL to write automation tests in Ruby.
  • Chromedp - Browser automation through Chrome DevTools Protocol fully implemented in Go.
  • Codeception - PHP end-to-end testing with BDD style.
  • CodeceptJS - BDD style tests with support for multiple headless browsers.
  • Cypress - E2E testing for JavaScript through a browser.
  • Endtest - Cloud-based codeless automated testing.
  • Erik - Headless browser for functional tests in Swift, based on WebKit and Kanna.
  • Katalon Recorder - A solution to kick-start test automation for small companies & start-ups.
  • FrontendRobot - Codeless testing on the web.
  • Mechanize - Programmatic web browser emulation in Python.
  • Nightmare - High-level browser automation built on top of Electron.
  • QAWolf - Create Puppeteer tests by recording actions .
  • PhantomBuster - Automate web scraping and actions without coding.
  • PhantomJS - Headless browser for Node.js.
  • Playwright - Cross-browser web automation platform for Node.js.
  • Puppeteer - High level API in Node.js to control Chrome.
    • Browserless - Complementary library for Puppeteer with sensible defaults, adblocker and pooling.
    • Puppeteer-Firefox - Experimental support for Firefox using Puppeteer.
    • Puppeteer-Extra - Plugin support for Puppeteer and several plugins including reCAPTCHA and adblocker.
    • Headless Recorder - Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer or Playwright script.
    • Pyppeteer - Unofficial port of Puppeteer to Python.
  • Selenium - Suite to automate multiple browsers in different platforms.
  • SimpleBrowser - Browser automation engine build on .NET.
  • Splinter - Python abstraction of existing browser automation tools with a high-level API for testing.
  • TestCafe - Full end-to-end testing environment supporting multiple browsers.
  • Watir - Ruby library for automating tests powered by Selenium.
  • WebdriverIO - Webdriver bindings to Node.js that lets you control a browser.
  • WebParsy - Web scraping library and CLI using Puppeteer and YAML.
  • Wendigo - Test-oriented automation tool built on top of Puppeteer.

Related tools

  • Cheerio - jQuery implementation in Node.js for DOM emulation.
  • jsdom - DOM implementation in Node.js to emulate real browsers.
  • Node-crawler - Web Crawler/Spider for Node.js using server-side DOM.
  • Postman - API requests and development tool with automation options.
  • Spectron - Test Electron apps using WebDriver.
  • X-Ray - Web Scraper with composable API and extra drivers.




Curated list of awesome browser automation tools and resources








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