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Electron Boilerplate built for a plug-in inspired toolbox
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The Electron-Toolbox is an Electron Boilerplate built for a plug-in inspired toolbox. This is considered in Beta, as this is a tool stripped down from a tool I've created and use on a daily basis. There are breadcrumbs of this everywhere, which lessens the "boilerplate"-ability of this tool.


  • Custom Windows-10 inspired Toolbar
  • Logging - including uncaught exception logging
  • Dynamic plugin management - Add/remove plugins by updating a json file
  • Themes - Create/edit/select your own themes!
  • Debug mode - a mode for admins/devs to hide tools/items not ready for client
  • Notifications - notifications when items are complete, including a notification center logging all notifications
  • Settings - User centered settings
  • Monitor Page - Find out who is in the tool
  • Analytics - Find out how often a tool is ran


Download source code using your preferred method (git, download the zip, wget, curl, etc...) Open the folder containing the source and perform

  npm install


Open the html files and update as needed. This example uses "CD Toolbox" as it's name, feel free to update as needed. You can replace the cdtoolbox.png/.ico files with your own logo.

Adding a tool (plugin)

To add a tool to the Electron-Toolbox, you only need to add the information to the tools.json file. Example below:

	"name": "Example 1",
	"title": "This will be in the title bar",
	"location": "tools/to/script.js",
	"category": "enter the category you want the tool to appear in",
	"hidden": false, //if true, only shown to those who have "debug mode" on
	"description": "when someone hovers over the tool this is what they'll see"
//The js file noted above needs 2 functions for the tool to work correctly.

exports.html = function() { 
  //this should return a full string containing all of the html needed for the tool
exports.Events = function() { 
  //this should contain all the event listeners for the tool


Contributions/feedback is more than welcome!

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