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A BlockChain based around pokemon, made for fun.
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A from-scratch block chain, drawing inspiration from Nimiq. Made to inspire you to collect all the pokemon


  • SHA256 encryption
  • Pokemon based collectible cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin based blockchain
  • Basic tamper prevention including chain reversion on faulty block creation


Require file

const pokechain = require('pokechain');

"Create" a wallet

//You have 2 options to create a key/wallet, based on the private key. You can use an eliptic curve to create one
var newkey = pokechain.generatekey(); //uses 'secp256k1' curve by default
var key = newkey;

//Alternatively you can pass a custom string/privatekey to generate a keyset. Highly recommended to have a large string to increase security
var key = pokechain.grabKey('Enter a private key here');

//Public key is their address, should be known by whoever he wants to interact with 
const curraddr = key.getPublic('hex');

//Ensure user remembers private key, and is secret to them
//It will be needed for transactions. 

Mine a block

//Miner is awarded 6 pokemon
//This mines using the server. Looking into client side mining.
var result = pokechain.mineTransactions(curraddr);
console.log(result); //Returns "Transaction Complete!" or an error

Find "Balance"

//This crawls the blockchain, finding all transactions involving the curraddr, and consolidating down as needed
//Json array object
var userbox = pokechain.getUserbox(curraddr);

Create a transaction

//If you need a a pokemon id to trade:
//Had issues when not using JSON.parse - to fix
var pokemonid = JSON.parse(userbox[0]);
pokemonid =;

//Create transaction
pokechain.addTransaction(curraddr, recievingaddr, pokemonid, key);


//Recommended to change location for accessibility and prevent overwriting
"Main": {
   "blockchainfile": "./data/blockchain.json",
   "Difficulty": 2
 //Change available pokemon
 "Pokemon": {
   "MinID": 1,    //based on pokedex, this is bulbasaur
   "MaxID": 809,  //based on pokedex, this is melmetal. change to 151 if you want just gen 1
   "ShinyMin": 0,    //Update shiny odds. Generates a random number. If the number == 420, is shiny
   "ShinyMax": 8191, //Odds match that of actual games. Update for special events if you want
   "StatsMin": 0,    //Update IV odds. IVs are from 0-31. 
   "StatsMax": 31    //Update for special events if you want. 31 is "perfect"


Any and all contributions/feedback welcome!

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