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Creates a single HTML page of WODs from various sources on the Internet.
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Set of scripts that create a single page website consisting of multiple different WODs (Workout Of the Day) from a number of different public sites.

See for the production site.

How it works

  • index.html is created from a template + all sources that are available in sources/.
  • Each .php file in sources/ is an individual scraper that accesses it's specified website, scrapes the WOD and spits out a block of HTML.
  • Each scraped block is placed into it's own individual file in the production directory.
  • All files in production directory are compressed then pushed to an s3 bucket.
  • On load, AJAX requests are used to load individual WODs.
  • Loaded WODs are kept in a never-expire cookie on the client to maintain state between loads.
  • Stats provided through Google Analytics.

In production this is run from cron(8) three times a day to cover a full day across the globe.


  • Unix-like tools (sed, make, git)
  • php
  • s3cmd


Required for deploy

  • Makefile: requires DESTBUCKET
  • sources/adsense-index.html: requires adsense identifier
  • sources/analytics-app.js: requires analytics identifier
  • sources/analytics-index.html: requires analytics identifier
  • S3 bucket configured as website
  • Appropriately setup s3cmd configuration


  • make scrape to create the index, scrape all sources and create production directory
  • make deploy to scrape and push to an S3 bucket

Adding new sources

  • Add the new source to a .csv file
    • First field is name of source
    • Second field is URL to scrape
  • Run util/ against the csv to generate one scraper per .csv line, which are placed into sources/.
  • Edit each new source file and adjust the selector to pick the right portion of the page.


  • Needs a rewrite.
  • Each scraper is generated from the same template. For sites that require a couple of clicks to get to the WOD or something custom, the default template is lacking.
  • Doesn't handle sites that generate their content over AJAX (ie. react sites).


  • Let's go with MIT.
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