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Changes in 3.5:
- HiDPI/retina display support
- Flatter icons
- Select fetchers added to columns menu for easier discoverability
- Show scanning progress in the system taskbar (no Linux support due to SWT)
- Details window size is really persisted now
- Mac vendors updated and are no longer cut to 8 characters
- Smaller bugfixes
- Java 6 support dropped due to SWT update
Changes in 3.4.2:
- Launch4J upgraded to fix finding the 1.8.0b101 JRE on Windows
- Show version check dialog only if it was requested by the user
- Italian translation added
- Rename IP List file feeder to Text File for clarity
- Mac vendors updated
Changes in 3.4.1:
- Favorites saving bug fixed
- More forgiving importing of previously saved scanning results
- IP details and some other functions now work properly for imported results
- Mac vendors updated
- Other small stability improvements
Changes in 3.4:
- Openers can open several IPs at once
- More bugfixes in opener editor + OK/Cancel buttons
- File Feeder now supports extracting of hostnames in addition to IP addresses
- Loading of exported files will no longer try to rescan the last loaded IP
- User is asked whether to resume the loaded scan if it seems unfinished
- Fixed MAC address fetcher for Mac OS
- MAC vendors updated
- Check for new version automatically once per month
- Internal and plugins: Dagger is now used instead of PicoContainer for dependency injection
- New translations: Turkish, German
Changes in 3.3.3:
- Fixed a bug in opener editor when switching between openers could overwrite them
- Bind comments to MAC addresses if possible, making comments for local hosts persist even for dynamic IPs
Changes in 3.3.2:
- Much smarter HostnameFetcher, which queries mDNS and NetBIOS in case standart DNS reverse lookup doesn't provide results
- Packaging fix for Windows, which could prevent "display alive only" from working
- Fixed prepopulation of feeder from command-line
- Fixed dimensions on command-line usage dialog
- Updated MAC vendors
Changes in 3.3.1:
- Fix Linux 64-bit (and probably 32-bit as well) build - add missing swt native libraries
- Quicker hostname lookups
- Small optimizations in UDP/TCP pingers
Changes in 3.3:
- IP range now defaults to the current netmask on start to make it easier to start scanning the current network
- Can load previously saved .txt file with incomplete scanning results and resume the scan
- IP range can now be scanned in reverse
- Language can now be selected in preferences
- Hungarian translation added
- Fixed links in the Help menu
- SWT upgraded to 4.3
- Use 64-bit SWT on Mac, supporting Oracle Java 1.7+
- Use sheets instead of some dialogs on Mac
(thanks to contributors)