7115082 Dec 11, 2016
@angryziber @stokito
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  • Add URLFetcher with configurable URL and JSON/XPath expression
  • WHOIS fetcher

  • Switch to GTK3 on Linux (currently, startup is slow, progress bar is not nice, exception when starting a second FileFeeder scan)

  • Windows: net stop SharedAccess
  • gtk sort direction arrows
  • advanced exporting options dialog (with append checkbox)
  • Enable/Disable ports (without resetting)
  • Opener Launchers to the details window
  • multiple port support web-detect, opening in browser selects scanned ports if available
  • add new fetchers by configuration of PortTextFetcher
  • public XSL for XMLExporter
  • Easier adding/removing of columns to the result table (without resetting the results)
  • command-line: support favorites
  • command-line: add netmask support to the range feeder
  • find not-null for column
  • export/import of settings (profiles or tie with Favorites?)
  • display friendly names of ports
  • preferences profiles (tied to favorites?)
  • free text (advanced) feeder
  • saving and restoring of results together with all options
  • advanced find (firefox-like) with options Find Next, Find Previoius, Select all matches
  • count occurencies of search (either separate or included)
  • diff with saved
  • show distinct values for a column
  • SWT bug: deleting of many IPs at once is very slow (freezes the ipscan) due to the sorting of provided indices

  • use jpcap for raw packet injection and ARP scanning

  • startup as root option
  • compile librocksaw for mac and linux64