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Torch implementation of neural style algorithm

Lua 12,196 1,816 Updated Jan 3, 2017
CoffeeScript 1,032 140 Updated Jan 4, 2017

A Java library for capturing, crafting, and sending packets.

Java 265 92 Updated Dec 31, 2016

darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer

C 1,172 350 Updated Jan 17, 2017

Java course from Tallinn Technical University, 2005-2011

Java 8 3 Updated Dec 26, 2011

Good looking public gallery for Google Photos (former Picasa web) that can be hosted for free on Google App Engine. In case you want you public gallery back after transition to Google Photos.

Kotlin 33 23 Updated Jan 16, 2017

Design pattern Java demo code for an interactive talk at Agile Saturday VI

Java 2 2 Updated Dec 6, 2011

Mirror of official Git repository of Shotwell project (branch: master). Collection of my patches and customizations (branch: master-mloskot-patches). Some of those fixes might have found their way to the upstream. For details, check Shotwell Trac at for tickets with my patches. For details, check…

Vala 1 Updated Jan 14, 2013

Code for the talk at GOTOCon Prague & Amsterdam about writing simple web apps - Plain Simple Java, and another one at Topconf - 3 tales of testing DB-enabled apps

Java 93 52 Updated May 23, 2013

Angry IP Scanner - fast and friendly network scanner

NSIS 659 235 Updated Dec 14, 2016

Google App Engine super simple audience pulse meter during conference talk

Java 1 1 Updated Jun 28, 2011

Google App Engine super simple audience pulse meter during conference talk

Python 2 1 Updated Jun 28, 2011