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ALC Codes

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Assignment Limitation Codes

Are defined in AFI 36-2110.

The AFI defines dozens of categories of assignment limitations. All medical assignment limitations are code C, as follows:

  • C1 = Deployable/assignable to global DOD fixed installations with intrinsic medical treatment facilities (denoted by ALC "X")
  • C2 = Deployable/assignable to CONUS installations with intrinsic fixed MTFs (TRICARE network availability assumed) (denoted by ALC "Y")
  • C3 = Non-deployable/assignment limited to specific CONUS installations based on medical needs (denoted by ALC "C")

Airmen may not PCS outside the limits set by their stratification unless waived by the authority specified in AFI 41-210.

Editorial note: The ALC X and ALC Y codes are unclear. Do they apply to facilities or to people?

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