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Commissioning 422

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The following bullets should be included on the AF 422 for a commissioning examination:

  • YES   NO  After complete medical review, member is qualified for Worldwide Duty and deployment standards IAW AFI 480123, attachments 2 and 18. RCPHA date = ________. RCPHA Expiration date = _________.

  • YES   NO  Member possess the physical ability to withstand daily prolonged running, pushups, prolonged standing, walking marching, heat and cold exposures, negotiate obstacle courses, hiking and backpacking. If No, see note 1.

  • YES   NO  Member is current Green on all IMR requirements to include dental, immunizations, deployment labs, and medical equipment. If No, see note 1.

  • YES   NO  Member is currently on a Worldwide Duty Waiver with an expiration date of ___________. If Yes, see note 2.

  • YES   NO  Member currently wears Orthodontics/Braces. If Yes, member must sign AMS Memorandum of Understanding.

  • If attending AMS: Member must remain medically qualified and current with the above requirements until graduation.

(Source: 144 MDG, January 2018)

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