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Dental Class 4 DNIF

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Question: Should flyers in Dental Class 4 be made DNIF?

Answer: Yes

Source Guidance

Dental Readiness Class (DRC) 4 is assumed to be DRC 3 until proven otherwise... that is why they are not qualified for WWD.

Guidance of ANG aviators in DRC 3 comes from Dental Management Guide, Attachment 11, para A3.2.3.

30 Jan 2015, Dental Management Guide

Attachment 11: Instructions for Management of Dental Readiness Class 3 Patients in the Air National Guard A3.2.3. Flying Personnel: An AF Form 1042, Medical Recommendations for Flying or Special Operational Duty, will be accomplished. Flying personnel will be in DNIF status while in dental readiness class 3.

Unlike active duty, FS is not allowed to clear ANG aviator in DRC3 for local sortie...they are DNIF. 

Note:  this guidance used to be in AFI 47-101.  Similar to AFI 48-123 & the MSD, AFI 47-101 was condensed and the "meat" of the guidance was moved to the Dental Management Guide.

Feb. 2018. Thanks to GA SAS.

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