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Fire Support

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Developed during the incredible 2008 fire season, the CA ANG has processes to streamline the rapid mobilization, service, and de-mobilization of members serving as wildfire workers.


We aspired to a simple and straightforward process. It adds some requirements above normal worldwide deployability, IAW with a prior TAG's policy. This memo applies to ANG members only, the Army Guard process is separate.

A key part of the process comprises a medical screening form and an assessment (of the form or the person) by a medical provider.

Provider guidelines for medical assessment

This duty is physically taxing and occurs in a physiologically strenuous environment, including stress on the low back. It is better to err on the side of caution and be overly restrictive regarding deployability.

  • Member must meet all medical and dental requirements for worldwide deployability.
  • Member may not have any profile worse than P1, U1, L1, H2, E2, S2.
  • Provider must address all positive answers on the form.
  • Member must be free from current or recent respiratory illness.
  • Members having current or past cardiovascular disease (including treated and controlled hypertension) should not be cleared unless they routinely engage in strenuous exercise.
  • Member must have passed Physical Fitness assessment within past year.
  • Pregnancy lab test not required for deployment.

12 July 2008

Pre-deployment screening form

See: PDF file


  • Member completes first page
  • Provider completes second page
  • When completed, file in member's medical record.
  • If qualified, prepare AF Form 422 ( AF Form 469) to certify deployability for this tasking and in the comment section annotate with "Screened and medically certified for Wildfire deployment". Print a copy of the 422 for the member to carry to deployment site.

17 July 2008

Orders for medical personnel

For medical personnel deployed in support of fire duties, this addition to official orders defines the scope of medical duties.

National Guard medical personnel (specifically including Army Guard, Air Guard, and State Military Reserve medical personnel) shall provide necessary medical treatment and care to Army National Guard, Air National Guard, and State Military Reserve personnel as may be needed in their professional judgment based on existing medical circumstances.

Additionally, National Guard medical personnel shall provide necessary medical treatment and care to personnel supporting the CALFIRE mission.

Additionally, National Guard medical personnel may provide necessary medical treatment and care to non-CALFIRE civilians who, in their professional judgment, are in need of emergent or urgent care.

2 Aug. 2008

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