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The email chain below, from reputable sources, addresses the question of AGR tours for pregnant members.

EDITORIAL: The current state of this standard is unfortunate. Look at the last email message (bottom).

  • What kind of thought goes into a statement like "sees no reason to deny"?
  • Is an email chain of four messages a valid promulgation of policy?
  • How high up the "state chain of command" must permission be obtained? (This is in a more recent email.) The original email refers only to the member's commander.

The first of these bullet points rankles the most. Consider: AFI 48-123 paragraph (5 Nov 13), which gives the following reason for medical non-retainability: "The individual’s retention in the military service would prejudice the best interests of the government."

Not for a moment is anyone saying that pregnant members should be non-retained. However, the paragraph does make it clear that the best interests of the government are a valid concern in medical standards decisions.

It is, therefore, fair to ask whether it is in the best interests of the government to assume the financial burden of a pregnancy, which may be a considerable fraction of a member's annual salary, as a New York Times story reports.

I am not saying the answer to the "best interests" question is known, or is even possible to answer in a general way. (For example, there certainly will be conditions where the member's skills are urgently needed and so it is in the government's interests to bring the member on board, and one could argue that the financial cost to the government would be almost the same if the member were covered by Tricare Reserve Select... but that doesn't account for the government's cost for maternity leave... and on and on it goes...) However, the cavalier attitude that seems to be suggested by the statement of the policy decision does not give confidence that factors such as this were considered.

Message of August 12, 2016

BLUF: Members who are selected for an AGR tour (whether it is considered temp, occasional or permanent) may start their tour (commence orders) as long as they can perform the duties and the state chain of command concurs.

NGB/A1PP, who owns the policy, has stated: "...pregnancy does not preclude members from commencing an AGR tour if they can perform the required duties."

Message of August 12, 2016

My apologies - In my haste to push this to the field, I failed to address the fact that this is NOT just temp/occasional tour AGRs. If you select a pregnant member to fill a vacant AGR perm job, they may commence orders as long as they can perform the duties and the state chain of command concurs.

Message of August 12, 2016

We continue to receive questions regarding pregnant AGR members starting AGR orders. The below email from NGB/SG was sent to the SG community in March stating their concurrence w/member's commencing orders.

We are aware that the ANGI 36-101 rewrite is becoming a higher priority for all of us. More to follow, but in the meantime, I'm requesting your assistance to ensure the field is aware that pregnancy does not preclude members from commencing an AGR tour if they can perform the required duties.

Message of Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We have gotten a lot of questions regarding Temp AGR and pregnancy.

BLUF: If a pregnant member is selected for a Temp AGR, the member may start the tour as long as the duties can be performed within the restrictions of the AF 469 and the member's Commander is supportive.

It is important to note that pregnancy or any diagnosis associated with pregnancy is not eligible for any LOD determinations. Additionally orders cannot be extended for the sole purpose of pregnancy.

NGB/A1PP owns the AGR regulation and policy and this information has been coordinated through their office.

NGB/A1PP stated "The ANGI 36-101 is currently in rewrite and is addressing this formally. In the meantime, A1PP sees no reason to deny bringing on an occasional AGR so long as the commander supports the member coming onto the tour and the duties required of the member filling the position are being fulfilled safely."

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