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SAS Packages

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  • Use the Army's SAFE system to send medical documents.

    • This is necessary because medical documents cannot be sent unencrypted via normal military email.
  • Name each file according to this scheme:

    • Examples:
      • 129MDG AGR Jones John AFF 422
      • 129MDG AGR Jones John package
      • 144MDG Commission Smith Snuffy package RESUBMIT
  • Please ensure that uploaded files are legible.

    • We will return packages containing illegible pages.


  • The SAS office does not necessarily believe what other doctors have written.
    • Example: In lots of cases PULHES = 111111, but the package tells a tale of significant pathology.
  • Most send-backs are because the package raised suspicions without providing reassurance that all is well.
    • Example: If a member has a PT exemption, what is causing the exemption?
    • Example: If a member has red dog tags, why?
    • Example: If a member is on a medication, why is the member on the medication?
    • Example: If a member says their health is fair, why is it only fair?
  • Tobacco
    • For any current tobacco user, we require statements documenting:
      • That the member has been counseled on the hazards of tobacco use, and
      • That the member has been offered assistance in quitting, and
      • The member's response to the offer.
    • Tobacco-use is a fatal, difficult-to-treat, contagious disease that lowers readiness. The above is a minimal standard of care, and we encourage medical groups to be aggressively counter-tobacco.
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