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Sharepoint Permissions

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California abandoned the Sharepoint system of package submissions after the Air Force introduced great instability into the Sharepoint platform through an "upgrade" in early 2017.

Adding a new user to the CA-ANG SG Sharepoint

  • Visit the Sharepoint permissions page.
  • Click on the GRANT PERMISSIONS icon in the tool bar near the top of the page.
  • A dialog box will pop up. At this point there are two ways to proceed – choose either one.

Sub-Method 1

  • The dialog box has a type-in field near its top. Click on the small open-book icon just below it, off to the right-hand side.
  • A new dialog box will pop up. Type the member’s last name into the search field, then click on the magnifying class icon.
  • A list of names will appear that match the name you typed in. Single-click on the name that corresponds to the member you want to add.
  • Click the ADD button near the bottom. The name will be copied into a nearby field.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The second dialog box will close, and you will be looking again at the first dialog box. The member’s name will be in the field at the top of the dialog box. Don’t bother it. :-)
  • Choose the permissions to give the user. Normally: ** Click “Grant users permission directly” ** Click “Contribute” ** Click “Read”
  • I always type in an email note to send, e.g. “Hello! Please send an email to XXXX@YYYY to let me know that you got this message, and that you can sign in to the SharePoint. Thank you, Doc ZZZZ”
  • Click OK

Sub-Method 2

  • In the top field of the dialog box, type the last name of the new member. Then, just below that field, click on the small icon that has a check mark next to it.
  • Move your cursor just a bit, and you’ll see that it has changed to a “wait wheel” while it looks up the member’s name.
  • << Am not writing the rest, because I can’t get this to work at the moment >>

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