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Standards Summary

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Parameter AGR Transfer Commissioning
Basic Reference AFI 48-123:2014, ¶10.10 additionally cites AFI 36-2132 and ANGI 36-101.
General Standards vary:
  • AFI 48-123:2014, Chapter 6G for aircrew assignments
  • AFI 48-123:2014, Chapter 4 for persons with no military affiliation in past 180 days
  • AFI 48-123:2014, Chapter 5 for the rest. Notice that AFI 48-123:2014, ¶5.3 includes Chapter 11 which includes DoDI 6490.07 which, in turn, lists a number of specific and general disorders.
  • Reference: AFI 48-123:2014, ¶ + 10.10.2
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶4.1 defers to DoDI 6130.03:2011.
PHA Within 12 months
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶
Implies must be current for officers
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶ See Transfer Note 1, below.
Must be current.
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶
AFF 422 Dated within 60 days of tour start
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶
Dated within 6 months, for commissioned officers
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶ See Transfer Note 1, below.
IMR Current in all
AFI 48-123:2014, ¶
HIV Within 6 months of tour start
Dental Within 12 months of tour start
(Over and above fitness testing)
None, given that chapters 4, 5, 6 of AFI 48-123:2014 do not include weight standards -- except that paragraph 4.1.3 says that weight standards apply to persons being accessioned.
  • For members being accessioned: AFI 48-123:2014, ¶4.1.3 says "In accordance with DODI 1308.03, DoD Physical Fitness and Body Fat Programs Procedures, weight and height remain part of accession physical standards." DODI 1308.03:2002 Page 12 has the body-fat standards.
  • Standard for metabolic syndrome may impose a waist measurement limit, depending on the member's blood pressure, lipids, fasting blood glucose, and medications. See page 42 of DoDI 6130.03:2011.
Duration of approval Earlier of:
  • 60 days from date of AFF422, or
  • upon expiration of any component of package
Earliest of:
  • 180 days (six months) from date of AFF422, or
  • when break in service reaches 180 days, or
  • upon expiration of any component of package
  • Upon expiration of any component of the package

Other standards:

  • Entering EAD (extended active duty) must meet Chapter 5 standards, per AFI 48-123:2014, ¶

Transfer Note 1

AFI 48-123:2014 doesn't actually mention that a 180-day break in service necessitates an accession examination when transferring to a position in an Air Reserve Component. It is a reasonable requirement, however, because, without it, a person could join under the Chapter 5 criteria, and then one day later apply for an AGR tour, again under Chapter 5 criteria, whereas going straight from a break in service to AGR would require Chapter 4 criteria. I therefore conclude that the intent of the regulation is to apply Chapter 4 criteria to persons entering an ARC position with a break in service of 180 days or more, and so it is reasonable for the CA-ANG to adopt that standard.

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