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Anso Time

A time tracking system that runs in the (google) cloud


  - users can ask to be texted and text back hours via twilio if they haven't
    submitted by a specified time

  - integrate with jabber so it can gtalk you if you haven't / ...

  - calculate how many hours the user is allocated for a time period so they 
    can know how much time they can work in following periods

  - audit log of when all entries are made

  - csv exports

  - allow users to marking time as off (useful for twilio / ...)

Running Anso Time

Anso Time was designed to run in Google AppEngine, so there are a couple
of steps to get it running. You can download the Google AppEngine Python
development environment at

1. Link or copy the tornado code directory into this directory:

   ln -s ../../tornado tornado

   AppEngine doesn't use the Python modules installed on this machine.
   You need to have the 'tornado' module copied or linked for AppEngine
   to find it.

3. Install and run dev_appserver

   If you don't already have the App Engine SDK, download it from

   To start the tornado demo, run the dev server on this directory: .

4. Visit http://localhost:8080/ in your browser

   If you sign in as an administrator, you will be able to view 
   a team report.

If you want to deploy this app in production:

1. Register a new appengine application and put its id in app.yaml

   First register a new application at
   Then edit app.yaml in this directory and change the "application"
   setting from "tornado-appenginge" to your new application id.

2. Deploy to App Engine

   If you registered an application id, you can now upload your app:

   appcfg update .

   After that, visit, where application_id
   is the application you registered.