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Releases: angstsmurf/spatterlight

Release 1.1

16 May 10:11
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By popular demand, you can now set a theme to be activated automatically in Dark mode, and another in Light mode. There are new checkboxes and menu items for this in the preferences:
In other news, the ScottFree, TaylorMade and Plus interpreters have been updated with many bugfixes. There is a new option for authentic room description flicker in Scott Adams games.

Also, margin settings should now be working correctly again.

Read the full change log here:


16 Mar 13:48
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Spatterlight is finished, reaching version 1.0!

The preferences panel has been updated. Also fixes a bug where added file extensions, such as glksave, had their last character cut off ("glksav".) All the autosaved games that broke when this bug was introduced in 0.9.9 will now break again.

Read the full change log here.


10 Feb 02:07
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Time for a new release!

The main news is that Spatterlight now requires macOS 10.13. If you have an older OS and would like me to backport any of the new features or fixes, please let me know.

The library window has been updated with a new design inspired by (certain parts of) the Apple Music app, just like the original design of Spatterlight was inspired by iTunes. A number of old bugs was uncovered and fixed in this process.

Also, the Quick Look plugin should be much more reliable, especially on 10.15.

Read the full change log here.


07 Oct 19:40
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Now supports graphics in some of the Scott Adams Graphic Adventures.

More precisely, this release adds graphics in the Apple 2 and Atari 8-bit versions of Voodoo Castle, The Count, The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle and Questprobe featuring The Hulk, and the IBM PC and Commodore 64 versions of Questprobe featuring The Hulk. It can read WOZ and DSK format Apple 2 disk images, and ATR format Atari 8-bit disk images.

Not yet supported are the vector graphics of the earlier S.A.G.A releases, or the graphics of Return to Pirate's Isle.


29 Aug 19:13
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This release adds support for Apple 2, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, and Atari ST versions of the Saga Plus games.

The Atari ST has Saga Plus versions of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle. These have colour cycling animations in many pictures, pretty or annoying depending on taste. Apple 2, Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 have Saga Plus versions of Buckaroo Banzai, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four. As far as I know, there is no Buckaroo Banzai for the Atari ST and no Saga Plus Claymorgue for the 8-bit systems.

Some of the graphics in these games have glitches and artifacts which are hidden by the black background in the original interpreters, so I recommend setting the background to black in Spatterlight when playing them.

In other news, support for the Commodore 64 versions of the TaylorMade games has been added. Note that the C64 version of Blizzard Pass is not a TaylorMade game. It might run in the Quill engine one day, if I ever fix that up.


04 Jul 11:11
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Introducing Plus, a new experimental interpreter for the Saga Plus format, used by some releases of the later Scott Adams adventures.

Currently only the MS-DOS versions of Questprobe: Featuring Spider-Man, The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, and Questprobe: Featuring Human Torch and the Thing are supported.

The Glulxe interpreter has been updated to version 0.6.0.

This release also fixes a problem where games with changed cover images in their blorb files would still show the old image in Spatterlight.


02 May 09:41
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Introducing TaylorMade, an update of Alan Cox's interpreter for Questprobe: Featuring Human Torch and the Thing, Rebel Planet, Blizzard Pass, Temple of Terror, Masters of the Universe: The Super Adventure, and Kayleth. All games are completable with working graphics, and a couple of them have animations and beep a little.

Only the ZX Spectrum versions of these games are supported, in TZX, TAP and Z80 formats.

The Bocfel Z-code interpreter is updated to version 2.0, which is re-written in C++.

This release also fixes a couple of minor bugs in Shades of Gray and a potential crash in ScottFree.


08 Mar 08:32
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Adds vector images for Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures, and also support for the Commodore 64 versions of them. A new slow draw option for these images tries to emulate the way the originals drew them.

Fixes a problem with hairlines in pictures, most apparent in the Adventure International games.


01 Mar 17:04
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Now with support for the Commodore 64 versions of (some of the) the Scott Adams and Brian Howarth games. These sometimes have more text and pictures than the ZX Spectrum versions.

Also, support for TI-99/4A Scott Adams games. There were many homebrew games created in this format, as listed in this thread.

This release fixes many bugs and glitches in the ScottFree interpreter, and an annoying UI bug where closed game windows would sometimes immediately reopen.

Read the full change log here.


27 Jan 19:27
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Experimental support for the ZX Spectrum Scott Adams format. Games such as Gremlins, Robin of Sherwood, Questprobe I and II and Seas of Blood are fully playable with graphics and animations.

Also improved AGT support, thanks to the hard work of David Kinder on Windows Agility. The Multi-Dimensional Thief is now completable.

Many minor UI fixes and improvements.