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Experiments on mean Average Precision and embeddings
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This repository allows reproducabillity of the paper Non-deterministic Behavior of Ranking-based Metrics when Evaluating Embeddings which is available in ./docs

Reproducing Experiments

Experiments require an ubuntu 16.04 system although all Unix including OsX should work.

Install requirements for the experiments:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install python-pip
pip install --user --upgrade seaborn matplotlib numpy scipy 

To run experiments and produce all plots as pdfs:

git clone
cd embedding_map
PYTHONPATH="./src/" python ./src/ ./data/phocnet.npz 

The pdfs are saved in embedding_map and producing them should take less than a minute on a contemporary machine.

Using the mAP code

File ./src/ is a python module that contains a fast implementation for computing mAP including the improovements discussed in the paper. Code in ./src/ is a good demonstration of how to use the code.

This code contains all experiments and quantitative analysis of the paper in ./docs/maps-stability-evaluation.pdf.

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