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@JamesHenry JamesHenry released this 23 Jun 18:21
· 499 commits to main since this release

14.0.0 (2022-06-23)

As always we recommend that you update your existing workspaces by using ng update as we provide some helpful schematics to help migrate your workspaces to the latest and greatest. Running the following will update Angular, the Angular CLI and angular-eslint together:

ng update @angular/core @angular/cli @angular-eslint/schematics


This is a major version bump and comes with some breaking changes, one of which might possibly impact your ESLint configuration if you are targeting inline HTML templates with a very specific glob pattern because the virtual filename has changed (read on to learn more).

  • update Angular to v14

    • All packages now require the use of Angular CLI >= 14.0.0 < 15.0.0
  • dropped support for Node 12 (in alignment with Angular's own version policy)

  • extracted inline HTML templates now contain the original Component filename in their processed virtual filename

    • When ESLint runs on your Component files, if you are using the recommended configuration, it will invoke a processor we have set up to extract the inline HTML templates from your Component declarations. Behind the scenes we give these extracted templates virtual filenames ending in .html so that rules targeting HTML files can also target your inline templates.
    • Before: In v13 the filename looked like this: inline-template-${++i}.component.html, where i was an incrementing integer (in case for example you had multiple Component declarations in the same .ts file.
    • Now: In v14 the filename now looks like this inline-template-${baseFilename}-${++i}.component.html, where i has the same incrementing integer behavior as before, but we now include the base filename within the virtual filename.
      • E.g. if you have a test file in projects/foo/src/app/app.spec.ts which declares a Component with an inline template, the virtual filename generated behind the scene for that template will be inline-template-app.spec.ts-1.component.html.
      • This new behavior allows you to use ESLint overrides to apply different behavior to Component inline templates in different files.


  • update eslint to ^8.18.0 (automatically migrated via ng update)
  • update typescript-eslint to ^5.29.0 (automatically migrated via ng update)
  • update deprecated cli.defaultCollection usage in angular.json to use cli.schematicCollections instead (automatically migrated via ng update)