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Google Chart Tools Directive Module

for AngularJS

Join the chat at


Install with bower

bower install angular-google-chart --save


Wrapper directive for Google Chart Tools


Interested in contributing to Angular Google Chart? Cool! Check out for a brief guide to raising issues and submitting Pull Requests.

A note on branches

Development branch is development.

Release branch is master (idealy), and was created just because Bower needed it.

There is documentation on the gh-pages branch which hosts the project's documentation website.

Please send your pull requests to development.

Building with Grunt

In order to build the project you will need to have NodeJS and NPM installed. In commandline, from the root of the project, run npm install. This will install grunt and the required plugins. Run grunt or grunt build to build ng-google-chart.js and ng-google-chart.min.js with included source maps. grunt release builds without source maps.

Running Tests

Tests are run during build. Use grunt watch to run jshint and tests whenever source files are changed.

Usage and Demo

See examples in the Documentation

Other samples

Chart Data doc

See ChartWrapper and DataTable documentation.

Release notes

See for a summary of changes.

Out of luck ?

Try another AngularJS directive that use Highcharts.