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Self-contained, mobile friendly slider component for Angular 5+ based on angularjs-slider
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Self-contained, mobile friendly slider component for Angular 5+ based on angularjs-slider.



  • Angular 5+
  • rxjs 5+


To add the slider to your Angular project:

npm install --save ng5-slider

Once installed, add the slider to your app.module.ts:

import { Ng5SliderModule } from 'ng5-slider';


   imports: [
export class AppModule {}

Sample usage

Now you can use the slider component in your app components, for example in app.component.ts:

import { Options } from 'ng5-slider';

export class AppComponent {
  value: number = 100;
  options: Options = {
    floor: 0,
    ceil: 200

And in template file app.component.html:

<ng5-slider [(value)]="value" [options]="options"></ng5-slider>


Full API documentation is available on official website.


An overview of how to apply your own style to the slider is described in


As of v1.2.0 the slider features CSS animations of slider movement. If you prefer the previous behaviour, without animations, you can set the flag animate: false in your slider options.


The slider allows for customising how to implement tooltips. See for more information.

Known Issues

Before reporting a new bug, please look at for a list of known problems and their workarounds. New bugs reports for these problems will not be accepted.


You can report any bugs as Github issues.

Please describe the issue in detail pasting any relevant code, or preferrably a StackBlitz with reproduction of the problem by forking and editing this sample StackBlitz. Please also provide the version of NPM package you are using.


For list of changes and bugfixes, see

Developer information

If you would like to contribute to the project, see


The project is licensed under the MIT license.

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