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Cha Cha Cha Changes



  • Validate directive has been upgraded
    • API BREAKING CHANGE! now takes expressions instead of function references
    • You must explicitly specify the $value variable, but you no longer need to create a function
    • NEW FEATURE uiValidateWatch allows you to re-fire a validation rule (or all rules) when a related model changes (confirm_password)
  • CodeMirror directive has been updated
    • Now works with v3.02
    • NEW FEATURE uiRefresh lets you specify an expression to watch for changes to refresh codemirror (useful for modals)
  • Mask directive has many new fixes
  • Fixes for uiDate
    • DateFormat directive can now be declared in uiConfig
  • uiJq Passthru directive has upgrades to support a wider variety of directives
    • Now fires asyncronously post-angular-rendering of the view (uiDefer option is now always true)
    • New uiRefresh lets you specify an expression to watch to re-fire the plugin (call $(elm).focus() when a modal opens)
  • Select2 directive now adds support for setting the selected item by specifying a simple ID
    • FINALLY have unit-tests for Select2!
  • IEShiv has been simplified and stripped of browser-sniffing code (just use conditional comments)
  • Calendar directive now performs better watching of events data
    • Added optional equalsTracker attr (increment to force update from scope)
  • Sortable directive now properly supports connectWith option
  • New route directive that sets a boolean based on a pattern match of the current route (useful for tabs/navigation)
  • Refactored If directive to be tidier
  • API BREAKING CHANGE! Modal directive has been completely removed (if you still need it, grab the files from v0.3.x)


  • New format filter
  • Lots of cleanup! Consistent indentation, linting
  • Custom builds via grunt (soon to be leveraged via builder)
  • uiDate now watches options
  • Rewrote ui-keypress (API is not backwards-compatible)
    • ui-keypress has been expanded into ui-keyup, ui-keydown and ui-keypress
    • The ui-keypress can now be used to $event.preventDefault() as expected
    • Multiple combinations are separated by spaces, while multi-key combos are separated by dashes: 'enter alt-space 13-shift':'whatever()'
    • The string-notation (a and be or c and d) has been dropped completely
  • Can now pass (or globally define) the value uiReset resets to


  • Unit tests. Unit tests. Unit tests.
  • New inflector filter (previously named prettifier)
    • Added 2 alternative modes, now contains: humanize, underscore and variable
  • Passthrough directive (uiJq) now fixes common ngModel problems due to trigger(change). Can optionally be disabled
  • Removed Length Filter (you can instead do {{ ( myArray | filter: { gender:'m' } ).length }})
  • Added validate directive, allows you to pass validation functions
  • Sortable directive
  • Fixed unique filter
  • Highlight filter has had bug fixes
  • Event directive has been refactored / improved
  • Keypress directive has been refactored / improved
  • New if-directive instead of remove directive (removed)
  • New google maps directive
  • New animate directive that transitions the injection of new DOM elements (transitioning the removal of DOM is still not supported yet)
  • Improvements to scrollfix directive


  • New folder structure
  • Too many to list
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