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ui-template directives

NOTE: This template is going to be replaced in very near future

These directives are boilerplates for creating your own directives.


Add the template module as a dependency to your application module:

var myAppModule = angular.module('MyApp', ['ui.directives.template'])

Apply the directive to your html elements:

<span ui-template num="SomeNumber"></span>

Default styles are in angular-ui.css and are pretty boring, you could just override these in your stylesheet and make things more interesting


All the options can be passed through the directive or set on the html element. NOTE: attributes override controller options

myAppModule.controller('MyController', function($scope) {
    $scope.SomeNumber = 123;
    $scope.uiTemplateOptions = {


// two-way binding with default for scoped.options uiTemplateOptions
<span ui-template ng-model="SomeNumber"></span> 

// one way binding with your own name for scoped options
<span ui-template options="myOptions" num="SomeNumber"></span>


ui-template - one-way binding unless you have in an ng-repeat - does not currently work with ng-model. - is supported only for attribute style elements


- support ng-model
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