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Whichever Date i select, datepicker returns todays date. #1169

safiyu opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Safiyudeen V S Marcellino van Hecke mini-me Yann Kerhervé Pawel Kozlowski
Safiyudeen V S

ngModel takes the value of todays date no matter whichever date i select. I used the exact way it is shown in the demo. But still such a problem.

Marcellino van Hecke

Can you provide a Plunk? That way we are able to check if it's really an angular-ui issue.

Yann Kerhervé

That works with the following changes (passing selected date as a param to ok()):

Obviously $scope in ModalCtrl is not what it seems to be. I can't explain why not though, it would be nice if someone more knowledgeable would chime in.


It seems that the truth is out there. First method works fine.

Pawel Kozlowski

@mini-me yes, this is pure scoping issue. The modal directive uses transclusion (and thus creates intermediate a child, transclusion scope of a scope seen by a controller) in its directive responsible for window creation:

I know that those scoping issues are puzzling but using transclusion is the best I can think of for modal windows in order to avoid code repetition and make those windows felxible.

Closing as duplicate of #969

Safiyudeen V S

I got a simple solution for it. name ngModel something like dt.firstDate or . And initialize scope.dt = {};
Before i was using only dt as ngmodel. for multiple calendars i was using first,second and so on. Now everything Works fine. And thanks guys.

Yann Kerhervé

For those reading @safiyu solution works probably like that:

Safiyudeen V S

Yeh exactly what I meant. Thanks Yannk. good to go.....

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